A memorial service for Professor Samiha Abdul Shahid- General Director of the Coptic Museum

On February 23, 2012 The Coptic Orthodox Church held , a ceremony at the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center to mourn Coptic Museum general director Samiha Abdalshahyd  40 days of departure anniversary.

The Ceremony was held in the presence of Bishop Ermia “Jeremiah”, president of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center and  Pope Shenouda III secretary, with the participation of a group of intellectuals, archaeologists and cultural symbols in Egypt.

HG Bishop Jeremiah gave a speech expressing sadness of the church to lose this character that provided wealthy cultural and intellectual contributions and was one of the most prominent leaders of the Coptic Cultural Center as she has  previous contributions to the Coptic Museum, which includes rare cultural treasures  chronicling the Coptic history and  early Christianity centuries in Egypt. “