Church Incidents that I Witnessed and Coexisted with (Father Salib Suriel)(Arabic)

Church Incidents that I Witnessed and Coexisted with (Father Salib Suriel)(Arabic)


Dear father priests of St. Mark Church, the mother Church of Giza:

Dear brothers and sisters, the congregation of St. Mark the Martyr Church, Giza:

I found it necessary, as God urged me to perform this service before departing to my eternity at which door I am standing, to record some important churchly incidents, which I have witnessed since half a century, lest they would fall into oblivion across times.

I seek assistance from God, fervently praying to be honest in recounting such incidents and accurate in reviewing them in conformity with the holiness of the blessed history I will tell you about. I cannot deny that some incidents escaped my mind out of the weak memory a seventy year old man keeps, some others need to be resumed by those who have stronger awareness and memory than I. Via God’s assistance, I will begin recording this series which is to be completed by others, in order to form an honest integrate history.

I express thanks to all who encouraged and helped me to write down these episodes, I wish you will remember me after my departure to join my predecessors and have a portion with my Lord and God Jesus Christ to see them in the highest glory. I pray to the Most High to grant a blessed life to all the fighters according to His holy companionship.

Today is Thursday, 9/10/1986, which falls on 29th of Tut, 1703 AM. It is the anniversary of St. Virgin Aribsima’s martyrdom. In this autobiography, I recount my life story since my early childhood, my devotional path chosen to me by the Lord, expressing my gratitude at His great compassion which called me, a weak unworthy vessel, to the holy service of priesthood.

Glory be to our Lord forever. Amen

By: Archpriest Salib Sorial

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