“Justice” book is a series of articles published at Akhbar al Youm Newspaper, since August till November, 2013, titled “Principles”.

Justice is one trait of God – blessed be His name. Justice and truth constitute the base of the judgment of God, the perfectly just One. God demanded man to pursue his life justly, as fulfilling justice on earth is a humane and spiritual duty, and it is the base of spreading peace, prosperity, and construction of societies.

We have tackled the concept of justice in language, in the philosophic notions and in religions. Then we discussed the concept of God’s justice through stories and situations of some historical figures. Afterwards, we previewed justice in societies, and the relation between justice and other virtues like mercy and peace. We have also referred to the social justice and the importance of it being applied to societies, which are destructed by oppression. Eventually, we pointed out to some fair characters in the history of mankind.

May God make this book a reason of blessing for all who read it, through the intercessions of St. Virgin Mary, the prayers of the great martyr St. Mark the Apostle, the preacher of Egyptian homes, and through the prayers of His Holiness Great Pope Tawadros II, the Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.

31st of August, 2015 AD

25th of Misra, 1731 AM

The anniversary of the 114th Pope, Macarius’ departure

Bishop Ermia

The General Bishop

Head of Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center