“Success Habits” seminar and granting certificates

“Success Habits” seminar and granting certificates

“Success Habits” seminar lectured by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Basit, human development expert was held at the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center On of Saturday, August 27, 2016 evening .

Dr. Abdel Basset spoke about success habits aspects, including how the human build  himselfand what are the steps in order to be a successful human being, and how the human being be a role model for himself first in order to be a role model for many generations in the future. As well as the need to listen to the opinions of others, without being restricted by age or culture as successful human has lasting knowledge.

Dr. Abdel Basset pointed out that the most important success habits is to be organized the more the human become organized the more he will be successful in his Humanitarian, practical and social life.

Following the seminar Bishop Ermia, General Bishop and head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center granted graduation certificates tothe Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center Academy English language courses (General English) graduates which is held in cooperation with “EPlanet” company.

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