Wisdom – in Arabic

Wisdom – in Arabic

“Wisdom” book is a collection of articles published in Akhbar al Youm Newspaper from April to August titled “Principles”. When Akhbar al Youm asked for a weekly article to be published there, I thought long about what I can present in an article to be read by all Egyptians given their different belongings and thoughts; what are the common rules we can all agree on, and build ourselves and societies with. I found the word “principles” echoing in my mind; as three things are permanently fixed in life: change, choice and principles.

Principles are deep rooted in man’s mind, and consequently his life, they draw the path and steps for him; upon which man builds his choices. If we manage to set the correct principles for our lives, our journey along the path of life will be easy, simple and deep in the same time. The value and importance of man’s life are evaluated by its depth, not by the length of its days.

Amidst the clashes, distresses and disturbance invading the world we live in, as if man is walking on top of a high building, trying to keep his balance so as not to fall down, the following words have resonated within my depth: “be wise as serpents”. So, wisdom was the best start I could make; we gather at its gates to derive from its springs what would facilitate our paths in this world.

Speaking about wisdom is like drifting in the heavenly matters, where exists God, the perfect in His wisdom and the real source of it, we would get fed and watered with what we need along our journey, recalling the words: “Send the beams of Your wisdom to drive away our darkness and Your image shines in us”. May the Lord make this book a reason of blessing to all who read it.

6th of November, 2013 AD

27th of Babeh, 1729 AM

3rd of Muharram, 1435 AH

Bishop Ermia, the General Bishop

Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center

The General Secretary Assistant of the Egyptian Family House