Dr. Makram Mehanna Biography

Dr. Makram Mehanna Biography

.Dr. Makram Mehany, was born in 20 July 194, He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy in 1970.
.Dr. Makram worked as a pharmacist in his own pharmacy, and the pharmacy became 3 pharmacies then he turned to the field of medical media (Pharmaceutical marketing) in a multinational company
.He became the Scientific Office Director of a group of multinational companies•
.He went through a unique experience at that time and established the scientific office MM Pharma to be a representative for a group of global companies
.It occupied a leading role in establishing the Scientific Offices Association and the issuance of the first edition of the Code of Ethics for the Medical Media Profession


.Afterwards, he set up two companies One for importing and the other for distribution of pharmaceuticals: Ramco Import and Export Company and Ramco Pharm for Pharmaceuticals trade
•He thought about completing the pharmaceutical process by establishing a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with the aim of manufacturing the components that were imported to offer the medicine at a suitable price to the Egyptian citizen. He founded “Global Napi” pharmaceutical factory in 1998.
•Followed in 2011, during the Revolution days, with establishing Global Pharmaceuticals Company, (Sterile Area) that produce (Ampoules & Vials)
• His activities extended beyond Egypt; he established Shamla Pharmaceuticals Co in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and he was its chairman, also regarding Pharmaceuticals industry in Africa, he started the establishment of Wadina factories in Sudan, and Trinity factory in Ethiopia
. He completed this pharmacologic system before his departure by establishing Global Advanced Pharmaceutical Co which will be a new addition to traditional production lines.
• He was a prominent member in Pharmaceutical Chamber of Federation of Egyptian Industries and He has been chairman of the Chamber for many years, in which he played a key role in harmonizing the relationship between industry and other agencies to develop the pharmaceutical industry


• He was a prominent member in the Arab Union for Pharmaceutical Industries in the Arab World and represented Egypt several times in regional meetings in support of the pharmacy profession in Egypt and Arab countries
•Contribute to and support the convening of local conferences for international bodies such as the US Pharmacopoeia, WHO and other regional meetings.
.Supported the departments concerned with the rules of manufacturing and control of pharmaceutical industries to develop performance and provided the effort and money to reach the best system for the management of the pharmaceutical industry.
.Since the beginning of his career, he believes in training as a key element in the development of performance.So he provided internships for pharmacy students at his companies
.He engaged Global Napi and Global Pharmaceuticals in curing C Virus, he was a leading supporter of the national project to cure the disease.
.He established the “Al Amal” (hope) assembly in order to cure the needy people in the villages throughout Egypt.
.Before and after the January Revolution, He indirectly contributed in supporting national movements and bodies interested in the developement of society, the media and other community circles to support the stability of the country.
. His history is full of support for the Army morally and practically following the suffering of the Egyptian people and army after the 1967 war.
•He was one of the military efforts supporters, morally and practically in 1967.
•He sought to establish an Authority for Food and Drug in Egypt before his departure.
•He had many several contributions in community and national work and in investment fields, He established the Egyptian Observatory for Citizenship was in 2009 with a distinguished group of thinkers and public figures. He made a clear contribution to the establishment of the Egyptian Democratic Party, in partnership with a group of Egyptian nationalists (headed by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abu Al Ghar). As a contribution to advancing national path and encouraging young people to play their vanguard and natural political role.


•He has had many other activities outside the scope of the pharmacy profession and investment that cannot be counted, This is clear in his interaction and role in the service of the Christian youth in the university by virtue of his membership in the National Church, the Coptic Orthodox Church, since he was a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy to build a successful Christian personality interacting with the society, As well as his pioneering role in the field of ecumenical relations to build bridges of unity among various Christian communities at the local, regional and global levels.