Engineer Ibrahim Samak Biography

Engineer Ibrahim Samak Biography

Ibrahim Samak one of the leaders of the clean energy sector in the European Union and the President of the European Renewable Energy Council for two consecutive terms. And is now overseeing the project to export solar energy from North Africa to Europe.

•He was born and raised in Luxor, He studied engineering sciences at the University of Assuit .1962
•He workd in many solar energy centers
•He later moved to Germany in 1976 to begin an uneasy path
•After a two-year research, he succeeded to invent a light bulb that could operate for five days without recharging, the maximum time when the sun would not shine in Germany to light the streets of 150 German municipalities. The system is based on traffic and movement on the street. The lights are switched off if there is no movement in 300 meters area it is equipped with a light-reducing feature if approached by a moving object within 40 meters and the German government decided to adopt it throughout the country
•The Smart Bulb, was certified by the German Research Institute, and confirmed its capability and effectiveness and was therefore fully adopted throughout Germany, even in interstate roads, before he was entrusted with the project of installation of the solar roof on the central railway station (Lehrter Bahnhof or Berlin HBF), that on the German Chancellory (Bundeskanzleramt) in partnership with Egyptian engineer Hani Azar.
•He then founded a solar lighting company that executed many huge projects including feeding the Parliament Building (Reichstag) in Berlin with solar energy, development of the German chancellery building, feeding the most famous German universities in Münchengladbach, famous Spelt resort in Yugoslavia and the Mercedes-Benz building with solar energy. He has been president of Solar Energy of European Industries Union.
Eng. Ibrahim Samak is Egyptian to the core, He exerted great efforts when he participated in lighting of the village of Sheikh in Wadi Al-Natroun with solar energy, and mine center of the Ministry of Industry in Shubra Al-Khaymah.

• He cherish when they say: “The Egyptian who brought the sun to Germany”!
• Pope Shenouda III says: “Egypt is not a country we live in, but a country that lives within us.”
Mr. Ibrahim Samak says: “I was never separated from my country Egypt, and always ready to participate in great projects because I always boast of being Egyptian.


President of EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) 2000 – 2003.
•Founding of ENGCOTEC Engco Advanced Technology GmbH.
•Co-founder and General Manager of CCS Consulting & Coaching Synergy GmbH.
Founder of the charity organisation African Hope e.V.
Since July 2007: Vice President of the European Coaching Association (ECA), an organisation of professional coaches, for the Arab countries and Africa
Member of the Board of the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC)
• Member of the Board of the PV GAP (Global Approval Program for Photovoltaics) GAP PV.
• Consultant for the energy sector at Sinai University Egypt.


• Golden Medal for extraordinary merits in the field of Engineering Consultancy awarded by the Egyptian Government in 1986
• Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
• Federal Cross of Merrit.
• Certificate of Appreciation from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate.
• The Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center Wisdom and Compassion “Pope Shenouda III” Award 2014.