On Life – Part 1

On Life – Part 1

Among the series of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center Book issues

Recently issued: “On Life – Part 1”

By: His Grace Bishop Ermia

The General Bishop and Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center


“On Life” is a series of articles published on the electronic website “Al Youm al Sabe’”; it tackles the journey of life, in which we bear our humanity in our hearts, moving from a path to another, tracing the steps of our predecessors, or leaving new steps for our descendants to follow. Throughout this journey, we pass by periods of happiness and hope, and others of despair and depression. Whether we take quick steps or stumble, we eventually keep on moving. In this journey, we meet others who may help us in our travelling, and some who may deter us, and in all this, we have love as our supply in the way, until we reach the end of the journey.

In this booklet, we present the first part of this series of articles tackling “the journey of life”, “the goal”, “the stones of failure” and many other topics. In order to clarify the notions, we included some famous or infamous stories to discuss the ideas in an easy facile exciting manner, as a simple story may be the means to clarify what thousands of words convey.

I present this book, wishing it to be a reason of blessing to all who read it, through the intercession and prayers of St. Virgin Mary, the theotokos, the great Saint Mark the Apostle, the preacher of Egyptian homes, and the great martyr St. Mina the Wonderworker, and through the prayers of His Holiness Great Pope Tawadros II, the Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.

                      11th of December, 2016 AD 2nd of Kiahk, 1732 AM

The departure of St. Aba hur the Monk                               Bishop Ermia

The departure of St. Hermina the Anchorite                  The General Bishop

The departure of Abba Mina Ava Mina   Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center

The Martyrs of Al Botrosya

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