Mr. Farid Habib

Mr. Farid Habib

Mr. Farid Habib was born in Cairo on March, 5, 1932 and received his education till he reached Secondary stage at Lebanese Priests’ Schools at his Secondary stage, he was transferred to Tawfiq Coptic Schools, then to Fouad Al Awal for Secondary Education, Then joined Faculty of Commerce.

After the faculty, his father insisted on his unpaid work for three years at an accountant office in order to obtain a Public Accountant Certificate, which was uneasily obtained by anyone at that time.

Afterwards, he received training at some banks, in order to learn about banking.

He started work as an auditor of foreign pharmaceutical companies so his mind got attached to pharmaceuticals.

He got married, He and his wife were very compassionate towards serving the orphans,He established an orphanage in Tima, in the Eighties, They transferred their activity to Al Zaitoun, where their service were launched from two apartments, then they grew bigger into three buildings named “Nasa’em Al Mahabba” (Breezes of Love), registered in 2003.

Despite all his preoccupations, he is always eager to check their educational level and spiritual level.

He also took care of the street children and established the Association of Bara’am Masr (Egypt Buds).

He did not care only for children but also look after charity work in all its forms so he set up Al Mo’ti Al Masrour (Cheerful Givers) association, Abna’ Abona Fanous (Abona Fanous’ Children), Old Age Home, kidney center, and addiction center.

He launched Marcyrl Pharmaceuticals Company in 2004 and He become owner of several factories that produces more than 130 drugs instead of importing these 130 drugs, at a greatly costly prices and produces them for Egyptian patients at a price which is 30% less than the price of their importation.

He has trained many people, and allowed a great employment to work with him.

His company was among the pioneers who worked on producing drugs for C Virus.

He established a hospital over 5000 meters area it has all the medical specializations as well as all the modern equipments and is named after Farid Habib despite that He firmly rejected to have the hospital named after him. The Hospital provide distinctive medical service for solvents or Insolvents patients, 65% of the hospital capital is fixed for “Farid Habib Charitable Institution” in order to serve the poor patients.