Beautiful Egypt – 368 «Human Consciousness and Google Brain» – 14/10/2020

Beautiful Egypt – 368 «Human Consciousness and Google Brain» – 14/10/2020

In the last article, I have tackled the most modern developments our age witness now, when Musk announced inventing an electronic chip to be inserted into human brain; to control the brain and raise the efficiency of man, whether on health level or verses the artificial intelligence which Musk deem a severe danger on man. We have mentioned a number of this chip’s advantages, besides its dangers, the most important among which is the possibility of having the slide externally hacked and controlled, and the data being stolen.

Also, Musk has announced future researches concerning this chip - conducted by Neuralink Company- which aim at studying a number of concerns related to human nature and its components like human consciousness and how it works, things which distinguish man from other creatures, and the tools working with high efficiency

Among the company’s plan of developing this chip is making up the ability to control human feelings; deleting the feelings of pain and melancholy, controlling man’s dreams, controlling memories, keeping them and bringing them back whenever man desires! Besides, the unwanted dreams or painful feelings could be omitted!

Moreover, the chip’s developments extend to raising the human capabilities; attaining a far away visual and hearing extent, besides the potential of maintaining telepathy and contact among people, as happens via mobile phones, provided the consent of the other party to have contact. As for the artificial intelligence, it is an important field of study to raise man’s efficiency and maintain control over him. These were some of the goals being worked on according to the plan set by the company for the future.

Versus what Musk has presented to us, Google company shows up on the other side, presenting us with its project “Google Brain”, it has started back since 2011 when the company launched it, aiming to employ the artificial intelligence in serving human beings, through converting all the machines and tools which man use into smart ones, satisfying his desires for an easier and a better life, according to what the company announced. The project gathers a number of scientists, including the computer scientist Jeff Dean and the artificial intelligence specialist Andrew Ng

It has been announced that the project is to be directed to the educational field, as per what Google Company broadcasted: It is expected that Google Brain will take over the human brain in the future, performing the tasks assigned to it highly efficiently, as Google is turning its eyes on instilling its chips into human brain; this is to benefit him through raising his efficiency in keeping, receiving, comprehending and transmitting the information. Thus, Google will become a comprising assistant in human skull, being employed when keeping information and education are needed.” This means that a pursuit in the near future to include artificial intelligence in the scientific and academic fields will aim to raise the efficiency of the students hindered by education problems and difficulties, asserting that “the artificial intelligence enhances a student’s efficiency in the school, making him acquire more educational skills he had not owned before.” As Google Company mentions, the idea of instilling Google Brain chips in human brain has been received with wide attention in the global journals.

The ongoing events we are witnessing now in the world is a type of new human revolutions in the field of knowledge, which will change the standards of countries’ progress to be measured by a country’s technical progress, this would take the world into a state of fierce conflict around whom will be the one in control of the Internet, particularly after the two recent networks 5G and 6G. It is a conflict with unpredictable results: will it be a pursuit of life? or a breakdown dragging to destruction?!

And… Stories never end in beautiful Egypt!

The General Bishop

Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center