Urgent Statement from “Egyptian Family House”

Urgent Statement from “Egyptian Family House”

Urgent Call

From the “Egyptian Family House”

During this minute and sensitive period in the lives of our Egyptian people, in which everybody senses the danger posed on Egypt’s safety, her internal and external security, lives through the schisms, the tug of war and the divisions harming the supreme interests of the country:

The “Egyptian Family House” calls – as the civilian national authority that combines Al-Azhar and Egyptian Churches – calls on all Egyptians, individuals, groups, parties, associations, foundations without exception, each in their position to face themselves and hold themselves accountable, purify their souls, minds, and faith in God and intent towards Him, retrieving the ability to accept diversity, the right to differences, with clemency, love, justice, for the future of the motherland, a supreme burden of trust hanging on the necks of all. Each is responsible, depending on their position, contribution, positives and negatives, to place all the above-mentioned, Egypt, her unity, her security and all her affairs, above all personal, individual and party interests. Reminding that history shows no mercy or tolerance for any person who forfeits a grain of sand or drop of blood, effort, money or sweat, not directed to the safety and security of Egypt.

God preserve Egypt from all harm, and protect her from every evil.

From 23rd July, 2013