My Memories with the Recluse Monk Father Mina Al Baramousi (Saint Pope Cyril VI) (Arabic)

My Memories with the Recluse Monk Father Mina Al Baramousi (Saint Pope Cyril VI) (Arabic)

On the forty fifth anniversary of the departure of the great Saint Pope Cyril VI, and the third anniversary of canonizing Pope Cyril as one of the church saints, the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center issued a new book titled: “My Memories with the Recluse Monk Father Mina Al Baramousi (Saint Pope Cyril VI)”

It is a new book recounting the memories which Consultant Eng. Deacon Maher Demian had with the Recluse Monk Father Mina Al Baramousi (Saint Pope Cyril VI)

The book is introduced by His Grace Bishop Ermia, the General Bishop and Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center

Revised by the Archpriest Monk Rafael Ava Mina, the personal disciple of Saint Pope Cyril VI

These memories dates back in 1936

The book is consisted of 112 small sized pages; divided into nine chapters, it contains also some valuable photos and documents which bear the aroma of the good old days, the book is issued by the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center.


In the name of Mighty God

In the name of Lord Christ, glory be to Him, I start writing my memories with the recluse monk Father Mina Al Baramousi (Saint Pope Cyril VI), through the intercessions of his beloved great martyr St. Mina the Wonderworker, pleading for him to remember me before the Divine throne.

What shall I say about you father, as talking about you is much pleasant?! God granted you a great name among the mighty figures of heaven: Athanasius, Dioscorus, Anthony and Macarius.

How great are the works achieved during your papacy, o father! By the measure of time, such works require tens of years, while by the spiritual measure, they are miracles which can be done only by a Divine power through a saint whose ways pleased the Lord, and He made even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Few days before your ordination as a Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, you were asked: what are your future projects? As a man of God, you answered: I will let God manage my life. Indeed we have seen and witnessed the glories the Lord had made with you, they are uncountable! We can never realize the extent of their depth and impact.

During your papacy, we witnessed:

  • A real spiritual awakening and revival, for you were a silent living example of the praying man of God, the fasting and ascetic one, a great prophet in a corporeal disturbed age.

  • Your flowing love for your children and pleasure at seeing them day and night, whether you were healthy or ill, visiting them in churches of Cairo and other governorates, and doing miracles which grew the spirit of faith.

  • Building the Great Cathedral of St. Mark.

  • Building the Monastery of the Great Martyr St. Mina the Wonderworker in Marriot.

  • Revival of the fathers’ books.

  • Mutual love and respect between you and the statesmen, on top of them was President Gamal Abdel Nasser, then President Anwar al Sadat, which benefited the Church and the country.

  • The Church’s openness to the world and other churches, occupying the leading role both locally and internationally.

Although all these are signs of God’s great work with his saint, we don’t want to forget that this work was fulfilled while the Pope was being seared in the furnace of temptations, as diabolic wars, and internal and external enemies.