Beautiful Egypt 355 – «5G» – 15/7/2020

Beautiful Egypt 355 – «5G» – 15/7/2020

Lots of Questions were raised about the negative effects of the 5G networks – the world is about to start using- on humans’ lives. I shall demonstrate quickly what was mentioned about the advantages and disadvantages of the 5G networks. At the beginning, we must realize that the 5G networks operate with the short radio wave’s range not the long one like that of the 4G. This short wave has two main problems. The first one is that it covers short distances, while the second one is that any natural or artificial barrier can intersect it easily, and even the rain can absorb it. In order to avoid that, smaller antennas (wireless dispensers) must be created closer to each other with more ability for transferring the data. We found out that the networks of the cell phones and the Wi-Fi of the 4G techniques depended on low frequencies from 400 MHz to 6 GHZ, as well as the cell towers were used to be distributed on far distances and low capacity. Therefore, it worked within the safe frequency range and wasn’t widely spread. But with the emergence of the 5G networks techniques, the frequencies used reached 60 GHZ, requiring the cell towers and its points to be widely spread with high power.

Meanwhile, the 5G networks are characterized by much lower infrastructure, supports connectivity of a huge number of devices around 100 billion device in the whole world; with a high speed in transferring the data and downloading high quality movies in a matter of seconds. Also the ability of performing surgeries remotely, promoting the usage of the Internet of Things where the home is connected to the computer, the phone to the car, and the wristwatch with the state’s health system, with less energy consumption. Moreover, with the 5G networks, there will be no need for any type of connection, whether for the phone, car or the computer.

As for what was stated about the dangers of the 5G, it is related to the emission of electromagnetic waves at high frequencies and energies that poses a great danger on humans. This is because when the frequencies of the waves become higher than a certain range and with high energy, these waves collides with the DNA of man leading to many variations that cause damage to the human body and raise its percentage to have cancer disease. As an example, when a human being is exposed to Ultra Violet rays for a long time without protection, his skin will be affected with redness and inflammation, which is due to its negative effect on the DNA.

I shall state what a federal agent has said about the effect of the 5G networks: “My name is Walter Bibuk and I am a retired federal agent. I am telling you that the spread of the 5G isn’t spreading for a new feature, but it is a military spread. I say that because the 5G was described by the media as a weapon system, and was named the Active Denial System. I was stunned by what I knew after my retirement; your phones operate on a spectrum range from 4.2 to 4.6 GHZ. The 5G system will operate on a massive range, and will start to rise till it approaches the field of the visual waves, Gama rays, and the X-rays. As we all know, the X-rays should not be approached 24 hours 7 days; and that exactly what the cell towers shall do!! I don’t know what do you think about that, but as for myself, I don’t want a transferring device to be placed on an electric pole in front of my house, with a military ability and causes biological and nervous damages!!

It is used to control the crowds and fired at soldiers at the battlefield; do you want it in front of your houses?! I don’t think so.

Israel and France banned the 5G and the Wi-Fi systems at schools, while in San Francisco city a case was filed by the opposing families who said they did not want it. Moreover Santa Rosa city is taking the procedures to ban the 5G, while the state of Hawaii is trying to do the same –according to media reports. Thus I think we all have an official duty to protect our families, and our children; as all the reports I have read show that (5G system) negatively affect children’s health. Some of the reports mentioned that: after three generations, a child of every 8 children will not suffer from DNA and reproductive organs damage; which means that 7 children of each 8 born will suffer DNA damage enough to make them unhealthy!! So the real problem is: What do we do with our future?

You must be aware that Lloyd’s of London and Swiss Re insurance companies do not insure against the 5G risks!! That puts everyone, who is in a public position, in front of the risk on his personal responsibility.” (End of Text)

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General Bishop

Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center