Beautiful Egypt 363 – «Are Vaccines Safe?!» – 9/9/2020

Beautiful Egypt 363 – «Are Vaccines Safe?!» – 9/9/2020

In the previous article, I talked about the Cholera and Malaria pandemics that claimed countless lives in various parts of the world. In addition to these pandemics that claimed the lives of millions, doctors have begun to point out a new danger, in their testimonies about the dangers of some vaccines that are injected to children, and their impact on their future and health.

At the meeting of the Public Health Committee in Connecticut, Dr. Lawrence Palevsky said of the recommended legislation on immunization: “I heard earlier that there is no need to worry about the aluminum found in vaccines, as its amount is very small, but the type of aluminum added to vaccines differs from that found in the environment, it is nanoparticles (The size of a nanoparticle = one billionth of a meter, ranging between 1 and 100 nanometers, and nanoparticles may not exhibit the same size-related characteristics, which are clearly different from those observed in fine particles or bulk materials). One of the properties of nano-aluminum is that it is closely related to bacteria, viruses, proteins, and any contaminant in the vaccine, about which we may not know anything. He added: “We realize that nanoparticles have the ability to enter the brain, but we have not studied or evaluated the safety of the aluminum nanoparticles injected into vaccines, where they go when they enter the body, and whether they penetrate the brain. Do the components of the vaccine belong to the human brain? No. Can the components of the vaccine pass to the human brain? No one has studied this before. However, the studies conducted on animals, using the same chemicals found in human vaccines injected to children, have directly shown that the components of vaccines enter the brain! How could we ignore such information!! Scientists in Europe conducted studies on aluminum nanoparticles and found that they remain in the brain for years, or even decades! We do notice an increase in the incidence of disability diseases in adults, including Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most important factors we find in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients is the ratio of aluminum nanoparticles that are clearly related to the vaccines that we are injected with.

We have never conducted any study to determine whether or not the aluminum injected into vaccines reaches the human brain. We never measured whether it stays in the brain, or what we would do if it stayed in the brain. Yet, we know that vaccines are supposed to cause general inflammation in the body, and more than half of our children suffer from chronic inflammation in their bodies! We have never allowed ourselves to ask: Will the inflammation of these vaccines, whose properties include causing general inflammation in the body when they are injected, continue until it turns into chronic inflammation in the body, or not ?!”

He presented a statistic as follows: “Today, 1 in 5 children has neurological disabilities! 1 in 10 children suffers from hyperactivity and lack of concentration! 1 in 11 children suffers from chronic asthma! 1 in 20 children under 5 years suffers from epileptic seizures! And 1 in 40 children shows autism! The incidence of immune diseases has skyrocketed! We have concluded that the viruses and bacteria that are injected into vaccines, in addition to the agent that causes an over-reaction of the immune system, create the so-called “partial simulation”, which causes the body to lose its ability to distinguish between viruses, foreign bacteria and the body cells, so that the body thinks that its cells match viruses and bacteria. Hence, the immune system becomes unable to distinguish between the viruses and bacteria that it must resist and the normal body cells, then the immune system turns on itself and the body begins to attack itself! We know that the Hepatitis vaccine given to children at birth, as well as the Gardasil and Influenza vaccines, cause this problem, resulting in immune diseases. However, we still say that vaccines have been carefully studied, and that they are safe and effective, which is simply untrue!” The vision adopted by Pediatrician Palevsky, along with many other doctors and medical professionals, raise a red flag about the importance of studying the drugs and vaccines presented to humans more precisely, as they may lead to more risks!

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