Beautiful Egypt 367 – «What If…?» – 7/10/2020

Beautiful Egypt 367 – «What If…?» – 7/10/2020

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all the Egyptians on the anniversary of the glorious October Victory, that victory which has assured the Egyptian soldier’s valor in defending each grain of the precious Egypt’s earth, embodying the soldier’s ability to overcome calamities and difficulties and engraving heroism over the pages of history to remain bright through ages. I wish happy many returns for our Egyptian army and its men, the protectors of the precious land, the defenders of its security and safety.

In previous articles, we have tackled the technical revolutions the world had witnessed anciently, as well as the recent ones which reflect rapid development pace a day after another. One of the most recent developments is what has been displayed in the live press conference broadcasted from California on Friday 28/8/2020, for nearly one hour and 13 minutes. In the conference, Neuralink Company, owned by the American millionaire businessman Elon Musk, set on display the microelectronic slide invented to be installed in human brain in order to control it, and – according to its inventors – to cure brain and mental illnesses, to develop human brain through feeding it with information, and to enhance its efficiency to surpass the natural human limits; this is one of the targets set by Musk, who declared in a number of occasions that he is working for enhancing man’s efficiency versus artificial intelligence which poses a severe danger.

In the conference, Musk declared that the slide is no more a dream chased by minds, rather it has become a fact in real life, as it has been experimented on animals, then it has been validated to be experimented on human beings very soon. The slide is a very micro device installed in the human brain via one- hour-surgery, using anesthesia is needless as no pain is felt, and only a tiny scar is left; he announced that the slide could be removed whenever its holder desired, without any damages.

On the positive side, Musk has stated that the slide has various capabilities of curing medically incurable diseases, like blindness, deafness, paralysis, memory loss, apoplexy and mental illnesses, as well as many psychological disorders like depression, anxiety and more. As for controlling the slide, he clarified that its owner has the ability to do so via using mobile downloaded applications! Through the slide, man is able to control all his electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, and electronically controlled home appliances, besides the electric Tesla cars which man can control and call to get aboard. The slide can play music directly inside man’s mind without using earphones! The slide can also alert to any sudden health problem may occur to man like heart attack! It is worthy to mention that the slide is wirelessly charged.

On the negative side yet, which I consider an imminent danger, the slide is able to read out what goes on in man’s mind and to analyze it, monitoring man’s mood which changes and is changed by the brain’s chemistry! Since the slide is able to read the chemical substances, it can then predict man’s acts! It can plan to adjust man’s body functions, and to control his feelings and mood! What I deem considerable danger is that the slide can be controlled externally via programs! What if such slide gets externally hacked, just like the computer programs?!

The company has declared working on creating an ultra level protection system in order to hinder any hacking process of the data saved on the slide, however, such protection systems will not prevent the vigorous attempts made to control the humans. What if a hacking occurs?! And… stories never end in Beautiful Egypt!

The General Bishop

Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center