Coptic Egyptian Engineer Hany Azer: President Al-Seesy chose his Advisory Council according to capabilities

Coptic Egyptian Engineer Hany Azer: President Al-Seesy chose his Advisory Council according to capabilities

The Engineer Hany Azer, member of the Scientific Advisory Council of Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Seesy stated that the decision to form the council came after a meeting of scientists and the president, clarifying that the meeting tackled with great transparency the problems facing Egypt and how to face them in a scientific manner.

Azer, world tunnel expert, and top counselor of the German Tunnel Authority, clarified in a private statement that President Al-Seesy selected the Advisory Council according to capabilities, “for he wishes to benefit by the experience of scientists in order to refine and elevate our country, Egypt.” He pointed out that the selection came without considering names or affiliations, emphasized, according to Azer, by the president’s caution for the country, without prejudice towards anyone.

The international engineer Dr. Hany Azer said he met the president more than once, describing the president as a man who loves his country and wishes to work 24 hours a day, not wishing to waste any time, for the country’s benefit.

The engineer Ibrahim Mehleb, Egyptian Prime Minister, issued last July a decision to appoint the engineer Hany Helmy Azer as an Advisor to the prime minister for transport, shipping and tunnels, the decision including that “he will not receive any bonuses or wages, upon his own request.” Hany Azer is a Coptic Egyptian engineer, who supervised the construction of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof train station. Azer headed the construction team of the Tiergarten tunnel under Berlin in 1994, after which he became the chief engineer of the largest train station in Europe, “lierter Banhof”, in Berlin, till he reached the development project of the railway of Stuttgart at a cost of 10 billion euros, to be finalized in 2019.

Hany Helmy Azer, who has now become one of the 50 most famous personalities in Germany, since he built the Berlin train station, was born in Tanta, Egypt, in 1948, and traveled to Cairo for high school and university studies. After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering of Ain Shams university in 1973, he traveled to Germany to study civil engineering at the Bokhom University in Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel honored him on 26th May, 2006, at the inauguration celebration of the Berlin train station, for his efforts and services to Germany, with the Medal of the German Republic, after which he was also honored in Egypt by Former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak on 1st October, 2006.