HG Anba Ermia honored at “Rotary Cairo 2018″ Conference for Peace and Goodness in Religions

HG Anba Ermia honored at “Rotary Cairo 2018″ Conference for Peace and Goodness in Religions

HG Anba Ermia, General Bishop and Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center, said that peace in Islam is one of the names of God. In Christianity, we say that God is the God of peace and the king of peace and the source of peace for all. Humans should know each other and live in friendliness and love.

The Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center said during his speech on Saturday at the award ceremony for his participation in Rotary Cairo 2018 Conference for “Peace and Goodness in Religions” that history is full of noble acts that show the depth and wisdom of the people who have done it. The second Caliph Omar Bin Al Khattab, refused to pray in the church. He said, “lest Muslims come after me and overtake it and say , here prostrated Omar.” Giving a beautiful example of tolerance and he worshiped outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

He pointed out that peace and fraternize between Muslims and Christians came in many of the covenants and pacts that Islamic history has mentioned, such as the Charter of  Najran Christians, the charter of the tribe of “Taghleb” and others many of the charters that instill the values of justice and mercy among all human beings.

He pointed out that peace has become the dream that humanity seeks in an age filled with storms of anxiety and waves of tension that try to dump humanity, and that peace and building societies are based on justice between all human beings. “If you want to change the world, Be the change that you wish to see in the world “.

He pointed out that religions seek to save man from perdition and to live in peace whether in his ways of repentance, love, goodness and virtues, or to live in peace with the people around him by respecting their human rights and freedoms and to deal with them with affection and sympathy, or to live in peace with himself when he accepts and develops himself and succeeds in different ways of life.

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