HG Anba Ermia: We thank President Sisi and State authorities Libyan authorities for the return of martyrs bodies

HG Anba Ermia: We thank President Sisi and State authorities Libyan authorities for the return of martyrs bodies

HG Anba Ermia, General Bishop and Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center thanked President Sisi, Egyptian armed forces and all the leaders of the Egyptian State for their efforts in returning martyrs bodies “martyrs of country and faith” to Egypt. He also thanked the Libyan authorities for their great cooperation and efforts in bringing our children back home. Pointing out hat there is great joy for the return of the bodies of martyrs to the village of alOur in Samalut, Minya in the cathedral which was built to commemorate them.

HG Anba Ermia conveyed HH the Pope congratulations for the return of the bodies during his sermon during the Holy Mass that was held on Tuesday at the martyrs Cathedral in alOur village, the Mass was held with the participation of HG Anba Botros, General Bishop a number of Bishops and Priests and attended by large number of congregation and the families of the martyrs. Pointing out that the martyrs of Libya showed the steadfast in faith and they did not fear death or intimidation because death is not the end or grief, but the beginning of eternal life and glory that does not end.

The Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center said that every man has a message in this life that he must be aware of, and that the martyrs who we received their bodies at dawn had a private life and relation with God and It is no coincidence that the 21 martyred together. And because of those martyrs showed the world the strength and steadfast of their faith, which shows their great love for God and that they were living a pure life full of virtues.

He added that the Holy Synod under the chairmanship of HH Pope Tawadros II, when he met with the 109 bishops of the Holy Synod, they chose February 15, 2015, that coincide with the entry of Christ into the temple to be a memorial and a feast for the martyrs of the modern era.

At the end of his speech, HG Anba Ermia thanked the Egyptian police who  exerted great effort to secure the return of the martyrs bodies to alOur village in Samalout. He also thanked the ambulance service for its efforts in transporting the bodies from Cairo airport to alOur village.

The martyrs bodies arrived yesterday evening at the Cairo International Airport and the Pope prayed in front of airstrip.

The 21 martyrs were beheaded by Daesh terrorist organizationin February 2015, and the organization published the beheading video online. The video showed the martyrs steadfast in Christian faith.