Boko Haram announces it’s joining new areas to the Islamic Caliphate, beheading 3 people found in a Catholic Church in Cameroon

Boko Haram announces it’s joining new areas to the Islamic Caliphate, beheading 3 people found in a Catholic Church in Cameroon

In similarity to the actions of the Islamic State in Iraq, killing and evicting Christians, the Boko Haram group is carrying out such operations in areas of Nigeria, as their assassinations have turned into massacres of inhabitants, particularly Christians. Residents said in their statements that the armed militants of the extremist Islamic group Boko Haram are instilling terror in cities that fell under their control this week in Nigeria, “killing people like sheep”. Such is the reality now, especially in Ghamboro Nagala, a city adjacent to Cameroon, which the Islamic extremists have fully taken over since Thursday, after days of conflicts with security forces and firefighting with the Cameroon Military.

Adding to the Caliphate

The leader of the Boko Haram group Abu Bakr Chikao announced last Sunday the appending of the city of Ghoza in the same area of North-Eastern Nigeria, to the Islamic Caliphate, in a video recording, calling attention once more to Boko Haram, which might be inspired, according to experts, by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant Group, while remaining independent. Boko Haram has been leading an armed mutiny since 2009, especially in North-East Nigeria. They are adopting the setting up of a state in which to implement their fanatic comprehension of the Islamic Sharia. It seems this group passed in the last few months from a phase of gang wars and suicide operations in the cities to the phase of usurping land, controlling three regions in the Borno state, in addition to one region at least in two neighboring states, Yobi and Adamawa. The Nigerian military rushed to respond to Chikao’s announcement on Sunday afternoon, stating in no convincing terms that “the sovereignty of Nigeria and unity of her lands have not been touched.”

Boko Haram beheads three people found in a Catholic Church in Cameroon

The spokesperson for the United Nations Commission for Refugees Helen Cooks stated that “militants of the Boko Haram terrorist group have, in recent events, beheaded three people, who were found in a Catholic Church in the Cameroon township of Isghasia”, adding “This is a new tactic endorsed by the terrorist group, which has in times past been content with merely kidnapping Cameroon citizens for a ransom.”

She added: “More than 10 thousand Nigerians have crossed the Nigeria – Cameroon border last week, with over 1700 Cameroon citizens abandoning their house at the borders, to delve further in”, concluding her statement: “Cameroon is hosting over 19 thousand Nigerians, while Niger is hosting 50 thousand, in addition to 645 thousand Nigerians who have shifted to other areas in the country, because of the Islamic rebel movement.