Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Creativity and Innovation “Makram Mehanna” Award

Dr. Makram Mehanna, had a distinguished and successful personality in all his work, with his outstanding practical and scientific excellence he had influential roles both in the service of society and country, especially during 1973 war and before and after 25th January revolution, supporting National Movements and Stability of the country.
Founded in 1998, Global Napi Pharmaceuticals company to supply imported medicine and offer it to Egyptians with an affordable price. Despite his preoccupation, he devoted a large part of his time to community and Church. He also founded “Hope” charitable association to treat needy hepatitis C patients for free in addition to other charitable projects.
He was serving Christian youth at the university to build a successful Christian personality interacting with the society and loving the country, as well as his leading role in ecumenical relations.
Therefore, the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center chose Dr. Makram Mehanna to launch his name on the Creativity and Innovation Award commemorating his memory and to be a role model in work and diligence for young people.






Ahmed Shokeir   Handing Award Ceremony 2019   Dr