Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ancient Languages

Learning ancient languages (Dead languages) people think it is a waste of time and money and a kind of madness.
On the contrary, learning ancient languages ​​has many benefits:

– Learning Latin or Ancient Greek languages helps you learn other languages ​​quicker and easier
– Open gateways on history that does not exist or written in modern languages
– It helps you to progress academically and practically in many fields such as literature and history
– Makes you more familiar with history and cultures.

– The Coptic language was used until the 17th century and is still used in the Coptic Church

Therefore, the Coptic Cultural Center offer courses in ancient languages ​​and dialects including:

Latin language.
Hebrew (Modern – Old).
Greek (Modern – Old).
Coptic language (Bahiri and Saidi dialects).
Syriac Aramaic language.

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