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ME Sat Channel

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• The idea of the ME Sat channel blossomed and was initiated by His Holiness the triple beatified late Pope Shenouda III

• A channel for all Egyptians, bearing the slogan “From the heart of the Church to the heart of Egypt”

• The trial run of ME Sat commenced broadcasting on 31st August, 2011

• On Wednesday 26th October, 2011, the initial broadcast of the channel went live-to-air with the weekly sermon of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, entitled “The Virtue of Commitment”

• On Sunday, 18th December, 2011, visiting the channel, consecrating and blessing it was His Holiness the triple beatified late Pope Shenouda III

• On Friday, 25th January, 2013, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II blessed the ME Sat channel, inaugurating Studio 2, and appearing in an interview on the “Egypt’s Pulse” program

The Channel’s Goals:

▪ Endorsing highest morals and values, consolidating principles on which thrive the growth, success and stability of Egypt

▪ Nurturing generations and enlightening nations about the Copts’ civilization, with their thought, services, and presence in the motherland, Egypt

▪ Proffering proper religious knowhow to build citizens capable of dealing with themselves and their society in the appropriate manner

▪ Instilling positive values, which grow our precious nation and drive humans towards toil and productivity

▪ Presenting problems that confront Egyptian society with the utmost transparency, aiming for remedies

▪ Communicating with others and demonstrating how to co-exist

ME SAT channel frequency in USA and Canada