Saturday, December 9, 2023

Our Journey

Laying the foundation stone for the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center by the hand of His Holiness the Triple Beatified Late Pope Shenouda III at the St. Mark’s Cathedral in the Abba Ruweis Monastery in Abbaseya, on Tuesday 14th November 2000 C.E.

In 2002, external construction works and finishing touches were completed.

The Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center was officially inaugurated on 14th November, 2008, with the opening of St. Mark’s Public Library

From that moment, the Center began offering diverse services, fulfilling its role, and its mission towards the Church’s congregation, society and the world.

As days and years passed, the Center’s activities multiplied and developed, including:

1. St. Mark’s Public Library

2. Manuscript Museum

3. Patriarchal Museum & Coptic Panorama

4. COCC Academy

5. ME Sat Media Academy

6. Printing & Publishing Books

7. Media Center at the Coptic Center

8. Islamic Christian Dialogue

9. Seminars

10. Honorary Functions

11. Awards

12. Ecumenical Work

13. Mari Markos Egyptian Satellite Channel [ME Sat]

14. “Do You Love Me?” Ministry

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II paid a visit to the Center on 25th January, 2013, touring the work and activities of the Center

We still have many activities we aim to offer, to complete our journey towards building humans and society at both the local and international levels, through effective participation of and mutual cooperation with the countries of the world.