Saturday, June 25, 2022

Accounting Courses

The Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center aims to the development practical  skills so the Center offers accounting courses to help students to progress in the profession and obtain certificates of accreditation as accounting is an important specialization for all business sectors to help institutions know their assets, revenues and expenses, to make that the institution is going In the right way:

Professional Financial Accounting Course

Professional Financial Accounting Course (PFA) A training course aimed at qualifying the student in accounting and ofer practical training in the book entry and review of all forms of books and how to prepare financial statements and analyse it, in addition to intensive lectures in Excel program and how to use it in all stages of the accounting cycle.

Management Accountant CMA

CMA certification is one of the most important professional certificates in the world, issued by the Institute of Management Accountants in the United States of America:

Planning, budgeting and forecasting
Performance management
Cost management
Internal controls
Operation efficiency and business process performance
Financial instruments and cost of capital
Raising capital, corporate restructuring and international finance
Decision analysis and risk management
Investment decisions
Professional ethics

International Accounting Standards certificate

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