Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Dr. Moshira Gamil

A Marketing Professor at various Schools of Business.

She was Managing Director of MG Mark for Integrated Marketing Communications.

Awarded her DBA and MIBA from ESLSCA Paris Business School.

She was awarded the IAA “International Advertising Association” Diploma in Marketing Communications from the American University in Cairo.

Taught a variety of courses at the American University in Cairo, Paris ESLSCA Business School, RITI “The Regional IT Institute”, The Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport, The League of Arab States, MIU and MSA

Conducted various training programs in Sales & Marketing, Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Integrated Marketing Communications, and various other training programs.

12 years in multinational Pharmaceutical companies

2 years in an executive marketing position at the technical support office of the Minister of Health and Population

Planned and managed various Marketing, Consulting and Integrated Marketing Communications campaigns for several institutions.

Dr.Ussama Edward

Managing Director of IMPACT Consulting and Training.

Certified trainer from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. Holding an Executive Diploma in Business.

Over thirty-seven years of management, marketing and sales experience

Twenty-five years of offering consulting and training services to organizations of different industries (healthcare and pharmaceutical, banking, petroleum, hospitality, airliners… etc.), both in Egypt and the Gulf region.

Managed, organized and directed various functional (consulting and training) and administrative activities pertaining to developing, and implementing organizations’ sales, marketing, and management functions.

He was responsible for managing and supervising the conduction of surveys and marketing research activities in several Middle Eastern countries, evaluated and appraised staff performance and conducted hiring and assessment interviews.


1- Coaching Skills
This workshop (course) will help you to understand the principles and acquire the skills needed by a coach to effectively develop his team.
It also will help you to Know and apply the steps of the coaching process to maximize its impact.
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2- Leadership Skills
This workshop (course) will help you to know what leadership is and how to wisely use the different sources of power.
You will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to analyze every situation and use the appropriate matching leadership style to effectively influence others.
You will be able to energize and sustain sub-ordinates’ behaviors to make things happen.
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3- Problem Solving & Decision Making
This workshop (course) will help you to Increase awareness of the steps and tools of problem-solving steps.
Improve decision making skills through applying the most suitable techniques.
Recognize the top ten rules of good decision-making.
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4- Negotiation Skills
This workshop (course) will help you to gain appropriate practical knowledge and awareness about the skills, techniques of negotiation and the various aspects that make a successful negotiator.
You will know the skills needed for planning and preparing for negotiations and how to use different tactics in settling successful business agreements.
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5- Presentation Skills
This workshop (course) will help you to deliver impactful presentations by knowing the process of preparing and delivering presentations, handling audience and group discussions to maximize results.
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6- Selling Skills
This workshop (course) will help you to acquire the skills needed to effectively deal with the different customers (physicians – pharmacists …etc.) in order to achieve the sales objectives.
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7- Marketing Management


8- Planning


9- Managerial Skills