HG Bishop Ermia: Terrorism destroys society and is refused by all religions

HG Bishop Ermia: Terrorism destroys society and is refused by all religions

His Eminence Bishop Ermia, General Bishop, Head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center and Vice-President of “Together Against Terrorism” Conference held by the Egyptian Family House, stressed on the importance of uniting together to fight terrorism.

Bishop Ermia said that the waves of terrorism that have spread around the world and almost push it into a dark tunnel and terrorize the safe in flagrant defiance of religious and human values, we must all unite to confront it as Terrorism has spilled bloodshed and carries only signs of destruction.

He added in his speech at the opening session of the conference of the Egyptian Family House, representing HH Pope Tawadros II, the Pope of Alexandria, that the bible read “anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment” and that The freedom of belief must be guaranteed to all, saying: “Religions have given us life and coexistence, highlighting Madinah document, signed by the Prophet for coexistence between Muslims and others.

Stressing that the first steps to confront terrorism is the intellectual confrontation and correct the false ideas that engulf blood in cooperation between Al-Azhar and the Church and inculcate the concepts of justice, mercy and peace and their importance in building society and working together to establish peace and defuse terrorism. “Peace is a name of God, Peace is the source to make achievements and its absence  produce disputes and destruction, and must instill peace and acceptance of the other and we have an important role towards achieving peace.

He added that religions teachings seek only to give the hand of peace to all mankind to face the dangers of terrorism, which is a flagrant violation of humanity. He pointed out that religions called for brotherhood and tolerance. He pointed out that freedom of belief is guaranteed by God and is a special relationship between the servant and his Lord.

He explained that all religions stipulated the prohibition of murder, whether in the texts of the Bible or the Holy Quran, explaining that there are many models of Muslims that equaled all people regardless of their belief, and comes at the top Imam Muhammad Abdo and other models.

He stressed that the pages of history witnessed the mixing of Muslims and Christians blood, adding that there are many battles fought by Egypt in which many of the Egyptian people, whether Muslims or Christians, stressing that the forces of evil seeks to sow the seeds of violence and difference between the Egyptian people.

The Egyptian Family House is holding its first conference under the slogan “Together against Terrorism” with the participation of a large number of Al Azhar and Church leaders , headed by Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration, Maj. Kamal Al-Daly, Governor of Giza, Dr. Moheb Al-Rafai’i. , Secretary of the Islamic Research Academy, and Dr. Hamdi Zaqzouq, Secretary General of the Egyptian Family House.